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Men's 5 essential wardrobe accessories

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Regardless of season or trend, there are some things that should always be part of a man's  apparel.  In today's blog, I will give you the 5 essential accessories that make up a gent's daily attire.  These are a must and can work with almost every outfit:      Watch Lets start with the obvious... of course this needs to be a Lyfe Watch! If you're off to work and want to look smart, or dressing down for a casual weekend trip, our NATO strap will suit all occasions.  For the upmarket look, I would recommend the 40mm Vidigal with...

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Have you ever wondered what the small pocket on your jeans is for?

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There are always certain things in life no matter how small that remain a mystery to us. Yet when such little mysteries are explained, we have a little smile at the invention or importance of the knowledge gained. Today's blog will help answer a question you may have always wondered but never knew the answer to...What is the little pocket of the right-hand side of a pair of jeans? Most jeans are given a style name or a nickname, but they are commonly referred to as the five pocket jean. Pretty simple; two in front, and two at the back....

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The Vidigal Range

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Many people ask us here at Lyfe watches, 'How did you come up with the names of your collections?'.  Well, given how we came up with the idea to start Lyfe watches (click here for more on our story), we decided to name the first two collections after Favela's in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Vidigal and Rocinha). Vidigal is one of the most famous Favela's in Rio.  It overlooks the world renowned Ipanema Beach in the south zone.  It is a place filled with colour, vibrance and personality.  This is why we felt it was a perfect name for our...

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London Fashion Week 2016

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Our Blog is a great way for you to keep up with what is happening in the world of Lyfe Watches. We also want it to be useful for keeping up with what is happening in the wider fashion world, too. It’s London Fashion Week and there will once again be a big wristwatch presence as Swatch will continue to be its Official Partner. LFW is a perfect opportunity to launch new collections and showcase their exciting latest designs that combine Swiss quality in their usual classy colours and styles. This is something you will seeing from Lyfe over the...

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Who choose's a Lyfe watch?

Here at Lyfe, we are often asked who we think are the type of people that wear our watches. Well, some people enjoy material possessions, some people prefer to give to others.  Some want to change the world for the better and some just want to look good.  The truth is there is nothing wrong with either.  In reality, most people have a little of each quality.  Thats the beauty of this world that we live in, everyone is unique.  And a Lyfe watch fits everyone, every time. Meet David.  David is an ambitious guy. He likes to work hard,...

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