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Men's 5 essential wardrobe accessories

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Regardless of season or trend, there are some things that should always be part of a man's  apparel.  In today's blog, I will give you the 5 essential accessories that make up a gent's daily attire.  These are a must and can work with almost every outfit:   



Lets start with the obvious... of course this needs to be a Lyfe Watch! If you're off to work and want to look smart, or dressing down for a casual weekend trip, our NATO strap will suit all occasions.  For the upmarket look, I would recommend the 40mm Vidigal with Blue strap.  This will complement any blazer nicely.  With denim, the 40mm Rocinha looks perfect with with a casual t-shirt but bold strap choice such as yellow or red. 

Now we have the watch in the bag, you need to coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe essentials.  For most outfits, a chocolate brown leather belt with a decent width (say minimum 1inch).  Black leather is also a good option but if its a choice between them I would always recommend the brown for its versatility.
You've got you're belt, now you need to compliment it with some dapper footwear.  Something like a traditional brogue in tan or brown leather works with both trousers and jeans, just be sure to maintain their shine or your look is ruined! 
Always choose cotton, and make sure you think about which colour socks will suit the the of shoes you are wearing.
Black Leather is a must.  Personally I prefer an ultra-slim cardholder style thats not going to be too bulky in your pocket.

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