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Who choose's a Lyfe watch?

Here at Lyfe, we are often asked who we think are the type of people that wear our watches.

Well, some people enjoy material possessions, some people prefer to give to others.  Some want to change the world for the better and some just want to look good.  The truth is there is nothing wrong with either.  In reality, most people have a little of each quality.  Thats the beauty of this world that we live in, everyone is unique.  And a Lyfe watch fits everyone, every time.

Meet David.  David is an ambitious guy. He likes to work hard, have fun and maintain good health.  He likes to buy nice clothes and feels his appearance is a representation of his inner-self, his own personal brand.  David also likes to think of others.  He is not rich by any means, but he still realises that life has afforded him many advantages that millions of people have not.  He feels like he should do his bit and give something back.

David wears a Lyfe watch because he loves its versatility when wearing with his suit at work, when he's working out at the gym and even when he's chilling with his friends in his jeans and Tee.  He also loves that whenever he checks the time, he is reminded that he is making a significant difference in people's lives and giving back to a cause he's passionate about.

People like David wear our Lyfe watch.


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